iTPM is now an official NetSuite SuiteApp!

CG Squared is proud to announce that iTPM has been reviewed and certified as an official Native SuiteApp.

NetSuite certifies three types of SuiteApps:

  • Integrated SuiteApps are independent solutions that are integrated to NetSuite. The integration may include data synchronization between the two solutions via web services, or other method.  Data created or updated in NetSuite or the Suite App must be synchronized to the other solution.
  • Hybird SuiteApps are independent solutions that are integrated to NetSuite, but they also include some functionality inside NetSuite using NetSuite customization platform. These solutions offer a tighter integration than the Integrated SuiteApps, as some of the functionality is performed inside NetSuite.
  • Native SuiteApps are inside NetSuite, and built exclusively using the NetSuite platform.  There is no integration required, because these solutions are installed as a NetSuite managed bundle.  To end users, native SuiteApps have the look-and-feel of the NetSuite solution.

To be certified as a SuiteApp, the application must conform to standards set by NetSuite.  The certification process includes some of the following:

  • Style Guide: The solution must adhere to a NetSuite Style Guide, insuring the screens, forms, workflow and other attributes maintain the NetSuite look-and-feel.
  • Technical Requirements: SuiteApps are reviewed from a technical perspective to insure the application conforms to NetSuite standards.
  • Security: SuiteApps are evaluated in to make sure they do not compromise the security, accessibility and integrity of NetSuite data.
  • Development Methodology: The certification review process also includes the methodology and controls used to write the software code.

We thank our current iTPM users for their suggestions and ideas that have made iTPM a better trade promotion management solution.

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Alex Ring, President

CG Squared