i-TPM Implementation

Implementation can be done, start to finish in weeks because iTPM is a native SuiteApp that is just installed into NetSuite.

During implementation we configure your deal types to line up with your organization's TPM needs and the way you go-to-market.

Use all iTPM features, or start with deduction management and add promotion planning if/when you need it.

Here is a link to our iTPM SLAs.

i-TPM Training

iTPM has a library of online user guides and training videos to help you get started.

Use web-based and/or on-site training classes to  accelerate the adoption of closed-loop within your organization.

User Guides and training are role-based, including Administrative, Deduction Management, and Promotion Planning roles.

TPM Best Practices Consulting

iTPM is designed, developed and supported by people who know trade promotion.

Get the most from iTPM by learning TPM best-practices in your category and class-of-trade.  Software is only part of the solution to getting an ROI from your investment.  Go to  www.cgsquared.com/services/ to learn more.