Top 5 TPM Challenges for CPG Manufacturers

Trade Promotion Management is a challenge for all CPG supply-chain stake holders.  These are the top 5 for Manufacturers using NetSuite:


Challenge #1:  Deals are managed in Excel spreadsheets separate from NetSuite.   We don't have update-to-date or complete deal information.

  • Solution: iTPM deals have full real-time visibility to all stakeholders, along with financial controls and structured workflow

Challenge #2: Quarter and Year-end trade spending surprises.

  • Solution: No more surprises because with i-TPM you always know your net trade spend liability.

Challenge #3: Our trade budgeting process is outside NetSuite and disconnected from our trade activities, so we never know our trade numbers.

  • Solutioni-TPM is true closed-loop, so you have complete financial visibility, including  Budget vs. Planned vs. Actual vs. Latest Estimate. vs. Earnings

Challenge #4: Deductions are time consuming to process, and aren’t matched back to promotions and products.

  • Solution:Easier deduction resolution that supports accurate item and customer level P&Ls.

Challenge #5Third-party TPM solutions are expensive and difficult to implement,   taking up to a year to implement.

  • Solution: iTPM is the ONLY TPM solution built inside NetSuite.   Implementation, training and configuration takes 4 weeks or less!