i-TPM Implementation

Implementation can be done, start to finish in weeks because i-TPM is Built-For-NetSuite.

During implementation we configure your deal types to line up with your organization's TPM needs and the way you go-to-market.

i-TPM Training

iTPM has a library of online user guides and training videos to help you get started.

Use web-based and/or on-site training classes to  accelerate the adoption of closed-loop within your organization.   Call your i-TPM account manager, or  email your training request to info@cgsquared.com for a customized training program.

TPM Best Practices Consulting

iTPM is designed, developed and supported by people who know trade promotion.

Get the most from iTPM by learning TPM best-practices in your category and class-of-trade.  Software is only part of the solution to getting an ROI from your investment.  Go to  www.cgsquared.com to learn more.