iTPM is a Native SuiteApp software solution, Built for NetSuite.

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Plan Trade Promotions

iTPM (Version 2017.1)         Features

Create Deals and see compare to budget
Workflow approvals provide financial controls.

Use historical data for more accurate deal planning. 

Always know planned vs. actual vs. latest-estimated spending, including all unpaid but incurred bill-backs

Settlements and Deduction Resolution

iTPM (Version 2017.1)          Features

Match the expense to the deal for more accurate reporting of net outstanding deal liability.
Support settlements by check and by deduction (short-pays)

Budgeting & Accruing

iTPM product roadmap

Plan deal spending, sales, and resulting profitability

Use the budget as benchmark throughout the budget period.

Compare the budget to the forecast, Latest Estimate (LE), and actual.

Support live accruals by period for both budgeting and financial reporting.

Helps prevent under and over accruing by knowing in real time net-outstanding deal liability by event.

Post-Promotion Analysis

iTPM product roadmap

Identify deal efficiency and effectiveness

Apply learning to plan better deals that generate more sales and profit.