TPM for Manufacturers

Trade Promotion Spending may be the second largest expense on your P&L.  Use the iTPM solution to manage the entire life-cycle of your trade promotions.  Always know exactly what trade funds are outstanding:

Trade Promotion Budget vs. Planned vs. Actual vs. Latest Estimate

TPM for Distributors

Trade Promotion is double the challenge; an expense to customers and income from suppliers!

Manage the discounts and rebates from your vendors to make sure you receive every penny due.  The  iTPM software will also help you manage your customer promotions.

TPM for Retailers

Trade Promotion can help generate store traffic, but it can also be time consuming to collect funds from your suppliers and vendors.

Use iTPM to keep track of what vendors owe you and streamline the rebate claim process.

iTPM Trade Promotion Management Solution

iTPM is a native SuiteApp solution that manages rebates and promotions for all CPG supply-chain stakeholders using NetSuite as their ERP.